You Don’t Climb a Mountain Alone

August 6th, 2017 by admin

I’m a wannabe mountain climber.  Ok, maybe I’m getting a little too old now but I always wanted to climb a decent mountain. My son has climbed and I mean with ropes and all.  He sends me pictures when it’s over. Probably best since some points actually look terrifying. So I’ve just had to read about those who scale Mount Everest or Mount Ranier or view the pictures. And here’s one thing I know…they don’t go alone.  To climb a great mountain you join a team with someone who’s climbed it before to lead the way.  They know the potential weather risks, the trails, and have a good idea how long it will take. The experienced leader will know what to do in emergencies and are strong enough to pull you through. They’ve been there before.

It’s really no different when you face an obstacle in your own life. Whether it’s weathering a death, a divorce, a huge betrayal, a troubled marriage, a childhood abuse, or dealing with your own sexual addiction the path is easier if you join a group with experienced leaders…one who has been down that exact same road, knows the dangers ahead, knows how to get there, and has the strength to pull you through to the finish line.

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