The Broken Road

August 3rd, 2017 by admin

When you grow up in the Panhandle of Texas you don’t have much opportunity to see the power of water when creeks and rivers flood. I had lived in San Antonio only a few months when we had a terrible rain storm that lasted more than a day. At least 12” of rain had fallen. When the rain broke I put my young boys in the car to go to the grocery store and took our usual path on a 4 lane road. About a mile from home we came to a dead stop. The road was gone, washed out, impassable. Water was pouring through the gap and I suddenly understood the power of water and storms. Although other cars were in our same predicament we figured a way to turn around and return home.

Haven’t we all been there? Maybe we’re driving down our usual road and suddenly it’s just gone? Maybe we chose a road that was off the beaten path, that felt reckless to try, and now we’re stuck with nowhere to go.  Life has a way of changing the path we’ve been on.  I learned something from that broken road.  I learned that I can’t always count on the road I’ve traveled to always remain the same. I learned to respect the power of storms.    I learned I could turn around.  Sometimes those broken roads we travel on are good for us when we finally realize it brings us back home to the God who loves us.

Perhaps your road has been broken by grief over the loss of a loved one, divorce, a terrible betrayal, a challenged marriage, childhood traumas, or a sexual addiction. It’s not too late to change this road you’ve found yourself on. We have a loving God who wants to keep us safe, to take us in, to redirect us, to help us grow.

Join us in a Heart2Heart support group at First Baptist Church San Antonio beginning August 22 and 23. to register.   Our groups are small, faith based, highly confidential, and led by trained facilitators who’ve been down that same road you’ve been traveling. Let that broken road lead you back to safety and wholeness.


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