Trusting God’s People Again

If you have been hurt by the church, by God’s own people, then you have experienced one of the deepest pains a person can know. That pain can be incapacitating and, if left unresolved, can prevent you from fulfilling your purposes in ministry. Or, maybe you have come a long way from your point of pain, but still have trouble trusting the church. This group offers hope and biblical direction for those who have been wounded by God’s own people.

“This group gave me a place to open up with my pain from being hurt by the church. I was amazed at how God worked within me each week, bringing me to new thoughts which brought hope. I know God gave me this group as a special gift from Him.”

We meet for 14 weeks and discuss three general areas of the healing process: reconciliation (and what that means in your specific situation), recommitment (in your personal relationship with God) and re-engaging in ministry.

Classes will begin on Tuesdays in the Fall of 2019.