Finding Yourself in a Ditch

August 14th, 2018 by admin

Years ago on vacation in Whistler, Canada we went on a 4 wheeler tour of the mountains. We wore helmets and goggles because the mountains were very dry that year. Upon our return to the Basecamp our guide told us if we wanted to go fast follow him because the road was straight for the next mile.  I followed but suddenly got dust under my goggles, my eyes teared up and I ended upside down in a 6 foot ditch. This picture may be hard to see the details but many tell me it was a miracle I lived. I remember it being dark and worried the grass would catch fire. Then it dawned on me that if there was a fire I was under this vehicle. I have no clue how I got out. The next thing I knew I was sitting on a rock next to the wreck. Finally the guide came back (who knew he’d once been a paramedic?).  He told me not to move, as if I could!  The rest of the group showed up (someone took this picture) and they got me up to the road and to a hospital where they told me I had dislocated my elbow along with very deep and extensive bruising. Kind of changed our vacation plans.

Sometimes we end up in a ditch and it takes other people to get us out. This much I know, God was there the entire time. But sometimes He sends others to help out.

If you find yourself in a ditch deep in grief, divorce, or bitterness from being wronged join us in Heart2Heart.  God sends others to help us out of our ditches. Let us be those friends.

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